<title>Together we deliver a higher state of caring.</title>

Baystate Health

Impacting Lives

Baystate Health is the largest health care organization in western Massachusetts. The care we provide plays an essential role in the health of the people in our region.

Over 980

beds combined in all of our hospitals, making health care more accessible to people in our region.

Photo - Female Doctor with patient in hospital bed

Over 1.8 million

outpatient visits, all with the goal of providing comprehensive sick and preventive care in our patients’ communities and their homes.

Photo - Female Doctor with patient on scale

Over 197,000

Emergency Department visits, providing essential trauma and emergency care to adults and children in our area.

Photo - Emergency Room doctor examining child with Child Life Specialist assisting

Over 36,600

surgeries performed, including cardiac procedures and neurosurgery.

Photo - Surgical Team performing an operation

Over 3,970 patients

approved for public assistance with the help of Baystate Health’s financial counselors, helping patients fund their care and decrease financial stress.

Photo - Financial Councelor meeting with a client

About $150 million

in unreimbursed care provided to patients in need, ensuring that every community member receives care no matter their ability to pay.

Photo - Smiling Doctor with patient in hallway

Over 5.1 million

tests performed by Baystate Reference Laboratories, the largest hospital-based referral lab operation in New England - providing critical information for diagnosing and treating patients.

Photo - Laboratory tecnicial performing a test

Over 4,000

babies born in Baystate Health hospitals, where we provide individualized care around the clock - including support for high-risk births at the region’s only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Nurse and Midwife with mother and newborn baby